Protective Orders And Peace Orders

No individual — man, woman or child — should be subjected to an abusive relationship. In Maryland, victims may choose to pursue a protective order or a peace order to provide safety and relief from an abusive partner or spouse.

As your attorney, I can help you understand the protections offered by these court orders or explain the implications of being accused of abuse and having a protective or peace order filed against you.

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When domestic violence and fear of bodily harm mar a relationship, victims need recourse to protect themselves and their children. At the Law Offices of Susan J. Rubin, LLC, I will work with you to file an order to bring comfort and relief to you and your children.

  • Protective orders: Often filed by a spouse or relative, these orders offer victims protection and relief from an abusive spouse or partner.
  • Peace orders: Usually filed between nonfamily members, these orders are for individuals who are ineligible for protective orders.

A Rockville Lawyer Representing Both Sides In Matters Of Peace And Protective Orders

On the other hand, those accused of abuse face serious, life-altering consequences that even when disproved, may leave a permanent stain on their lives. Representing parties who have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence, I help such individuals defend themselves against these potentially devastating allegations.

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