Help With Post-Divorce Modifications

Life is full of changes, and you can expect that the spousal, child support and custodial arrangements you and your former spouse agreed to will need adjustments as your children grow and lives continue to change.

When making these changes, it is important to have a lawyer help you ensure that all the details are taken care of. As the sole practitioner at the Law Offices of Susan J. Rubin, LLC, I work directly with clients to develop modifications that last well into the future.

Circumstances Change: Child Support And Custody Modification

Whether you were promoted, changed careers or have fallen on hard times, changes to your financial situation may require modifications to your child or spousal support agreements. Additionally, a former spouse may begin a new career far away from his or her former spouse. Such changes may necessitate a revision of the previous child custody and visitation agreement.

Common post-divorce modifications include:

In some cases, a spouse may fall behind and you may need assistance to collect the money that belongs to your child. For individuals paying support, falling into delinquency can have serious consequences that may be avoided by modifying their support agreement.

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