Legal Guidance In High Net Worth Divorce Cases

In some divorce cases, a couple may need to divide complex and high net worth assets. If no prior arrangement has been made, such as a prenuptial agreement, the process of dividing assets and determining support agreements may prove to be time-consuming and costly.

At the Law Offices of Susan J. Rubin, LLC, I work with clients to develop an intelligent and comprehensive plan to mitigate contention during a high net worth divorce. By working closely with industry professionals and experts, we can devise solutions as a team to ensure that your assets are properly assessed and that nothing is hidden when it comes to support agreements.

Protecting Your Financial Well-Being During Divorce

In Maryland, one of the most important divorce issues is determining the status of a couple's property — either marital or nonmarital. By carrying out a thorough evaluation of your property with the assistance of experts, I can help you explore options for dividing property that is fair and equitable. In some cases, pursuing mediation is an effective and cost-efficient method to finalizing a high net worth divorce.

Some common high net worth divorce matters often encountered include:

  • Business valuation
  • Home or property valuation
  • Division of retirement accounts — 401(k) or other investments
  • Spousal support
  • Differentiation of marital property

Straightforward And Intelligent Counsel During Complex Divorce

As a lawyer with years of experience assisting families from all demographics with divorce, I can help couples unravel complex assets to establish separate contributions and to protect their personal estate.

Whether dividing a family business or a share of a closely held business, or assessing and dividing investments, I will work with knowledgeable experts to help you craft a property division and spousal support plan that is tailored to your family's needs.

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