Obtaining The Support Your Child Needs

Children have a right to support from both of their parents after divorce. In situations where one spouse is better equipped to provide financial support, he or she will be required to contribute child support payments to the other parent to ensure the child's needs are met at both homes.

An Attorney Committed To Your Children's Well-being

For many parents, a divorce presents some of the most difficult choices they will ever have to make regarding their children. In conjunction with child custody arrangements, parents also need to consider the long-term financial stability of their children.

Either through mediation or in the courtroom, I will help you reach a fair and reasonable child support arrangement that is sensitive to your situation while providing for your child's emotional and financial well-being. While child support guidelines are utilized in the majority of cases, deviations and budget analysis are also available under certain circumstances.

Helping Parents Prioritize What Really Matters

In highly contested divorces, it is easy for spouses to focus solely on hurting one another while children get lost in the ruckus. Furthermore, some spouses may fall behind on child support payments. Regardless of the circumstances of your separation, I will help you remain focused on reaching an amicable agreement that provides for your children if this is possible.

Some ways I help parents with child-related matters include:

Protecting Your Children — Emotionally And Financially

While it may be difficult after a divorce to maintain a semblance of normalcy, it's important to try. As your attorney, I will help make sure your child has every opportunity available through structuring a child support order that sees to his or her needs.

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